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Eclectic Approach brings the funk to Jack-son's

For this Seattle band, there's no other place they'd rather be than Kennewick during Water Follies for their fourth annual concert.

"We keep getting invited back," said Jowed Hadeed, MC for the hip-hop/funk group Eclectic Approach. "It's a good time to go back and play with everybody in town. I can't think of a better time to go play."

However, former co-MC Mark Putnam won't be taking the stage with them this year.Putnam left the band in January after getting married. Balancing work, marriage and the eight-year-old band started to take its toll.

"A couple weeks after, it just felt like a huge weight off my shoulders because we've been doing it since we were 18, but I kind of got some closure," Putnam said. "I did what I liked to do for so long and now I can kind of focus on my family and moving on from music."

Hadeed recalled the first time the band played without Putnam on stage.

"It was nerve-wracking because it's all on me; I'm the center of attention," he said. "It made me have to step up my game."

Shortly after Putnam's departure, bass guitarist Chris Wadsworth bowed out of the band to pursue other interests. The group welcomed new bassist Seth Humphrey, but are gearing up to lose something else -- their jobs.

The band recently decided to quit their daytime gigs in to finish recording their new album, then head out on tour.

"I just put in my two weeks recently," Hadeed said. "We'll probably record nine tracks. After that, we'll hit the road and just go for it. It's kind of scary and one thing most bands don't normally do, but this is like a full-time job; it's a big deal for us."

For the past year, the band has been working with Justin Armstrong, a producer who has worked with Peter Frampton and Death Cab For Cutie. Their currently untitled album will be released Oct. 20.

"It's a pretty big move for us," Hadeed said. "We're excited and ready to go and ready to write. It'll be much easier for us to write these songs and really master our craft now that it's a full-time job. We're excited to be able to produce music to our fullest potential and go for it rather than have it be a second job."

Still, the band worries about not having health insurance or a steady income and giving up their house at the end of next month.

"I had a brand new truck I had to sell," Hadeed said. "I had to buy a sleeping bag and a tent, because we don't have anywhere to sleep."

The band always has a place to stay with Putnam, who has recently moved back to the Tri-Cities.

"I still talk to those guys on occasion and everything's all good," Putnam said. "These guys have been my brothers for so long."

When asked if he'll make it to their show this weekend, Putnam joked, "I might be able to make it there. I'm anxious to see them because I haven't been to a show. We'll see how good they are. As long as they don't try to charge me."

Eclectic Approach performs at 8 p.m. July 25 at Jack-son's in Kennewick. Cost is $10. Show is 21 and up.

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