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CD Review: Stupid in Stereo pumps murder, mayhem into new CD

The self-described psychos of the Northwest are dropping a full-length album The Day The Earth Stood Stupid.

Fans of Stupid In Stereo can get their album and a chance to see them perform live at their CD release party at 9:30 p.m. June 26 at The Parkade in Kennewick. The album is being released through Unrepentant Records for $10.

The trio's 15-track LP clocks in at a little more than a half- hour. Each song packs as much psychobilly punk rock as possible into an average of two minutes.

Kicking off the album is the 49-second intro The Day The Earth Stood Stupid, a quick preview of their raw sound and gritty tales. Hellbound Train and Escape Of The Maniac dive right into the stories of terrifying evil fictional characters and situations. And singer and guitarist Ryan Yates has fun with Maniac With A Machete, a song about being chased through a house by a crazed murderer.

Tree Love and Your Parents Lied are comedic tales of how monsters and demons are actually real. Tree Love is a nod to director Sam Raimi's Evil Dead trilogy, where the trees are possessed by demons that are summoned by the Necronomicon.

Stupid In Stereo's Full Moon's Lament is fun and playful. Yates refrains from going over the top, while bassist BJ Johnson and drummer Ronnie Fisher slow things down ever so slightly while still managing to inject just enough adrenaline.

The band slows down the punk on Cemetery Shuffle and Desert Rose, which are more rock-oriented tracks. I Met Her At The Haunted House starts off mellow, but has a great chorus that'll have you singing along.

Worst Case Scenario and Another Round are great tracks to drink to. The songs embody a great mixture of drums and guitar. While the bass is a little drowned out, the band makes up for it on You've Got A Choice.

The group's last song Turned Down Blues is about not having the nerve to ask a girl out but waiting for an opportunity anyway. The toned-down tune is one of the best musically.

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