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Big comedians on the big screen

Ever been to a New York comedy club? Does shelling out big bucks for a ticket to the Big Apple to sit in a crowded room with the possibility of laughing sound appealing? What if there was a two-drink minimum?

Still no?

Now imagine the New York comedians were carefully selected, filmed and screened in a dark room with comfy chairs. To make it even better, the drink quota would be eliminated and you wouldn't have to leave town.

Well, sort of, but you won't have to go far. Stand-Up 360 is a seven-part film series featuring a smattering of New York comedians on the big screen and the Carmike theater in Kennewick is the only place in the state to catch it.

"It's going to be interesting for middle America who can't afford to see New York comedy," said Erik Rivera, a comedian featured in the first edition.

The entertainment business has really taken a hit, said Rivera, but features like Stand-Up 360 will open doors for new audiences who want to lighten up a bit.

"People just want to laugh and forget about things," he said.

The film series allows comedians to showcase their talent all over the country without having to hit the circuit and sleep in their cars.

Instead, they sit in their cars conducting phone interviews outside a Kinko's in New York City.

Rivera admits comedy tours have brought him to places he would have never expected. "Buffalo, New York, was all farmland and cottages. Felt like I had stepped out of a time machine."

Though he's missing out on a diverse crowd in the Tri-Cities, there's an upside to playing in a dark theater: "We won't get to see people walking out on us."

Hosted by Caroline Rhea, the first episode opens May 4.

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