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Pullman rock trio gets gig at Ray's

What began as just a funny story eventually turned into a full-fledged band.

Aaron Anderberg, the bassist for the experimental rock band Cyrus Fell Down of Spokane, explains his band's name stems from a story he and David Plell, lead singer and guitarist, created about a ceramic dog named Cyrus who fell off a shelf.

Anderberg and Plell have been friends since childhood and formed CFD their freshman year of high school when they met drummer Cory Phipps. The group lives in Pullman while Anderberg and Plell attend Washington State University. Phipps is not attending college but lives with his bandmates, which makes for more convenient practice sessions.

The trio, who are all 20 years old, will be sharing the stage with hometown favorites Ladybird and Seattle punk rockers Schoolyard Heroes at 9 p.m. May 9 at Ray's Golden Lion in Richland.

Anderberg described their sound as "very experimental. It's unique and based around complex stuff, yet listenable."

The group plans on releasing their third LP titled Radar this June or July. In the meantime, their previous albums Darby O'Gill and Damn Dude Damn are still available to buy at shows.

CFD carry a quality that this side of the state often doesn't see. There's an odd coolness to these guys who are influenced by the video game series Final Fantasy.

"We kind of like a little bit of different music," Anderberg said. "We also like bands like Dredg. There's not a lot of bands that we know that sound like us, so we don't draw too many direct influences."

Anderberg said there isn't much of a music scene in Pullman, so they like to travel and have recently begun doing shows on the west side. He hopes people enjoy their unique sound and come out to support small-town music.

"I think it'll be a show that people won't regret going to," he added. "Hopefully."

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