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Folding In shapes up for its next big show

Pasco rock band Folding In have trimmed the fat and are toning up for upcoming shows.

The four-man band began in June 2007 but cut two members six months later. For a while, lead singer and guitarist Tyler Norman performed acoustic shows with drummer Frank Teagle until they found musicians who shared their goals and values. A year after Folding In formed, guitarist Travis Sawada and bassist Chris Plummer joined the band after members from their alternative rock band From the Dust decided to go separate ways.

Sawada and Plummer expressed frustration with being in a band that had conflicting ideas of where they wanted their music to go. Luckily, they feel they have found like-minded musicians in Norman and Teagle.

Today, the only issues the members face are finding time to record music while juggling shows. The band's goal is to play at least 50 shows this year, and they hope to release their first full-length album next year.

"Being able to showcase our varied influences while maintaining a 'core' sound that is a unique combination of heaviness and melody, as well as writing and performing music that addresses serious personal issues, but while still having fun and goofing around on-stage," Sawada said.

Folding In's next show is at 9 p.m. April 11 at Ray's Golden Lion in Richland.

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