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MWANZA learning how to stick together

The haunting sounds of Kennewick band Mwanza will leave you craving more.

Eurorock-influenced lead singer and bassist Brian Griffin describes their sound as experimental, progressive and ambient.

"In my songwriting, I think there's a lot of neuroticism that I don't really show anywhere else," Griffin said. "There's emotions that come out of me that don't really come out any other way."

Drummer Nick Timchalk and his younger brother, guitarist Jon Timchalk, have known Griffin for many years through church, but formed Mwanza only last June.

"We were a four-piece for a while," Griffin said. "Eventually we just decided everything worked best as the three of us."

The group's influences range from Black Rebel Motorcycle Club to the Deftones to The Cure.

Even the Beatles, Elton John and Britney Spears made the list.

While the band originated in Kennewick, Griffin and Nick now live in Moscow, Idaho, where they attend the University of Idaho. Nick said that's made it difficult to coordinate. Nick will be leaving the band temporarily to travel to New York for his Model United Nations class, where he and students from other colleges will be simulating the U.N.

Their busy schedules don't leave much time for practice, often resulting in a quick session the night before a scheduled show, but the group manages.

The group has been working on a demo in Timchalk's studio, (aka garage). But their recording software broke so their album is on hold, though fans can buy one of their T-shirts for $12 on their MySpace page.

"We've been doing well with trying to get shows just to keep our knives sharp," Griffin said. "I think things are going better than expected."

Fans can catch Mwanza on March 2 at Ray's Golden Lion in Richland, or go to their acoustic show at Ray's on April 11.

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