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Laugh Lover's Ball full of, well, laughs

Laughter trumped the love at last week's annual Laugh Lover's Ball at the Three Rivers Convention Center in Kennewick where five comedians played to an audience of more than 900 people.

The event's organizer, David Crowe, warmed up the crowd poking fun of Tri-Citians on his very first joke.

I wore a nice suit for the big show ... I see now (looking out into the crowd) that wasn't necessary," Crowe said. "I see a gentleman here wearing camo."

He continued on another path saying he was going to open a "Not Made in China Store" getting across the point that this is a nearly impossible proposition in today's global economy.

His funniest moment came when he was telling the story of an elderly woman in Reno, Nev., who didn't approve of his crude humor. His comeback? "You made black people drink out separate fountains, so get off your high horse."

The diminutive Mary Mack, who appeared on TV's Last Comic Standing, came on next with a set that was relatable in her tales of small town life, but left the audience a little puzzled at where to laugh with her dry brand of humor.

She obviously caught on saying, "The more you don't laugh, the more abstract this crap is gonna get."

Another Last Comic Standing alum Jeff Dye, who's from Kent, got maybe the biggest response of the night from the mere mention of Coors Light. He railed on the company's oft attempts to make its cans stand above the rest with its vent and chill-indicating technology. "The can is fine -- fix the beer!"

Tim Lee, a scholarly comic who adapted a Ph.D.-quality powerpoint presentation into his routine, delivered one of the best jokes of the night in saying you can tell a lot about a woman by the kind of juice she likes to drink.

"If she drinks apple juice she's a homey kind of girl, she likes to cook. Orange -- she's a little zesty, more outdoorsy. Cranberry? She's got a urinary tract infection."

The top man on the bill, Bob and Tom mainstay Drew Hastings was hilarious in his stories of relating country life from the perspective of a big city guy. He then settled into his routine by saying he decided to buy a farm a while ago and that it "took three months to figure out my mailbox flag wasn't some sort of country 911 system."

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