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Best film fest shorts to show Feb. 7

The organizers of the annual Tri-City Independent Fan Film Festival will show 10 short films from five different countries Feb. 7. All were featured in last fall's competition.

Doors open at 6 p.m., with showtime at 6:30 in the Battelle Auditorium, off George Washington Way on Battelle Boulevard in Richland. Admission is $3 at the door.

The films from last year's festival to be shown are:

Ascension -- An Australian film directed by Vickie Gest. The 13-minute film follows an exhausted trainspotter, Tim, when he mistakenly bumbles into a neighbor's apartment while searching for the cause of a blackout and finds a group of cultists readying themselves to escape Earth and ascend to the Thribelian solar system. There's one problem: The group needs a human sacrifice and Tim seems to be the unlucky chosen one.

Un-Gone -- An 8-minute English film directed by Simon Bovey. Julian Salinger and his wife Maya get a rude awakening to their research into transporting matter when the system malfunctions and the duo discover a future that is less than palatable.

The Baseball Card Shop -- A 7-minute American-made film directed by Kelly Kennedy. In a dark and quiet baseball card shop, a lonely Pez dispenser watches as heroes of the past awaken to play one more game.

Iron Bird -- A 28-minute Australian film directed by Chris Richards-Scully. The film takes the viewer on board a Lancaster bomber on its destructive mission of war, and the mysterious presence that begins to surround the crew, urging them toward a journey that is sure to change their lives forever.

Shuteye Hotel -- A 7-minute American animated film directed by Bill Plympton. A film involving a murder mystery with a touch of humor.

00:05'01 -- A 6-minute American film directed by Brian Winterton. The film is set in an apocalyptic future where human life is scarce but plant life is plentiful.

Red Princess Blues: The Book of Violence -- An animated film directed by Alex Ferrari.

Final Journey -- A 7-minute German film directed by Lars Zimmerman. Protagonist Jake Waylon dreams of leaving his meager life behind and heading to another planet.

Man vs. Woman -- A 14-minute film directed by Juan Carlos Vargas. This sci-fi film is loaded with action about an explosive duel between four desperate scavengers.

Ray Harryhausen Presents: The Pit and the Pendulum -- A 7-minute Canadian film directed by Marc Lougee. Adapted from the Edgar Allan Poe story.

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