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Review: McCarley shows off her sweet sounds on new CD

This Texas singer has a sticky, sweet sound that is gracing the silver screen.

Singer-songwriter Erin McCarley is feeling the love with her debut album Love, Save the Empty. Already drawing similarities between Ingrid Michaelson, Anna Nalick and Sara Bareilles, McCarley has quite a set of pipes.

Her first single, Pony (It's OK), showcases her effortless style. The same goes for It's Not That Easy, where her deep vocals pair well with the blues-rock background.

Her likability pours over into Bobble Head, Sticky Sweet and Blue Suitcase. The tracks show sass and the strength of her vocals against a full-bodied sound.

Hello/Goodbye is one of the best songs on the album. Constant energy pulsates through the track, unlike Lovesick Mistake, where she takes a slower approach. Musically, the tracks are polar opposites, but lyrically both are hopeful about love.

In Gotta Figure This Out there's a helplessness to her voice that slowly disappears as the track presses on. McCarley paints this imagery of powerlessness.

Perhaps that's why her song Love, Save the Empty is featured on the soundtrack for the upcoming film He's Just Not That Into You. Love is a witty look at the evolution of love through a young woman's eyes. The song is hopeful and McCarley's vocals pair well against a full orchestra.

With a good start, soulful songstress Erin McCarley is another one to watch in 2009.

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