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Thrash-metal band performing Dec. 27 at Kennewick Jack-son's

Give in to your cravings for blood-boiling music with the help of Stress Fed Addiction.

The Kennewick thrash-metal band is performing at 10 p.m. Dec. 27 at Jack-son's Sports Bar, 3320 W. Kennewick Ave.

Their intense sound is definitely mosh material. Not bad for only being together four months.

Lead guitarist Mark Sluder and drummer Joe Garza met through work and quickly decided to start a band. Singer Blaine Shrum, rhythm guitarist Rob Larson and bassist Phil Chouinard joined the group after their band Changing Seasons split up.

"Every one of us came together from former bands and hearing each other and working with each other in different bands," Sluder said.

And the guys haven't had problems scheduling time to practice.

"We all are seriously addicted to all types of music, and we're even more obsessed with being able to make it," Sluder said. "It's our escape from the stress of the world, and henceforth our stress-fed addiction."

Their sound is hearty, simulating key elements that make for impressive alternative metal bands. Their sound resembles Slipknot and Children of Bodom.

Right now the group is focusing on what they hope to accomplish in 2009.

"Not to limit ourselves," Sluder said. "To just get out there, spread far and wide to see new places, make friends and hopefully meet other aspiring artists along the way to share the ride with."

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