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Ray's Golden Lion serving up Dinner

Get ready for a soundscape of harmony when Dinner Pelonca and The Blue Bonnet Boys fire up the entertainment scene Dec. 26 at Ray's Golden Lion in Richland.

Dinner Pelonca takes his music more seriously than he does his unusual name. He changed the first name he was born with (which he declined to reveal) to Dinner a few years ago for good reason, he said.

"I feel that names give you a real strong sense of attachment to your ego, which (he believes) is a harmful thing," Pelonca said.

That predilection against the inflated ego can be seen in social settings, he said, where people meet, shake hands, then immediately forget each other's names.

"I just wanted to choose a name for myself that would relinquish awkward situations to others who meet me as sort of a favor to them," Pelonca adds.

He also likes how his name affects people when they hear it.

"I've noticed more smiles coming my way since calling myself Dinner," he said. "If I have to choose a name, it may as well be one that brings me smiles!"

Also appearing at Ray's will be the Tri-City-based band Lions and Eagles. Both bands are part of a Portland-based art/music collective called Sec Saints Art, which includes artists, musicians and writers who are mostly from the Tri-City area.

Their gigs are a blend of music and art with some of the band members displaying their art and poetry as well as performing the music.

Dinner and his band's sound is influenced by a blend of folk, blues, flamenco and bit of gypsy jazz. They're currently based in Portland because of its rich cultural scene, Pelonca said.

"We're not getting rich, but at least our music, our art and our writings are getting a lot more exposure."

Showtime is 9 p.m. Cover is $7 at the door. All ages are welcome.

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