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Little Theatre presents thriller 'Angel Street'

WALLA WALLA -- The Little Theatre of Walla Walla will present the Victorian thriller Angel Street starting Nov. 21.

The play is set in fog-bound London in the 1880s at the lower middle-class home of Jack Manningham and his wife Bella.

As the story unfolds, Bella becomes gradually upset by the stern reproaches of her overbearing husband.

What disturbs Bella even more is Jack's unexplained disappearances from the house and his refusal to tell her where he is going.

When Inspector Rough arrives, he's determined to find out the secret within the Manningham household.

Gradually, the inspector weaves a tale of murder and suspense until the culprit is revealed.

Angel Street, aka Gas Light in European theater, remains one of the longest-running nonmusicals in Broadway history. It's also a favorite among repertory and community theater organizations.

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