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New collection a look at Seattle neighborhoods

Winston Haycock has a penchant for creating zany paintings.

His latest series of work could be called a cartoonish peek inside some of Seattle's more familiar neighborhoods.

Places like Fremont district, Capitol Hill area and Queen Anne Hill, just to name a few.

Haycock, who lived for a time in the Tri-Cities, moved back to his native Seattle earlier this year and decided it might be fun to capture a bit of the flavor of Seattle in a collection of whimsical paintings.

There are about 20 in the series that depict the faces and places of Seattle's famous neighborhoods and some of the kitschy characters who live there.

"It's kind of a social commentary of the people who live in those neighborhoods," Haycock said.

There's the spiky-haired dude from the Capitol Hill area, the hipster who hangs around Pioneer Square, and the lady who wears the oversized glamour glasses who lives in the Queen Anne neighborhood.

For this collection, Haycock captured as many of the faces as he could remember seeing while growing up in Seattle. He also had to crank them out in a hurry to meet the deadline for his Tri-City show, hence the cartoonish nature of the images, he said.

"I used a very raw, childlike, coloring book style in this multimedia show," he said. "I used wax, foil, newspaper collage, marble dust, glitter, acrylic paint, sandpaper and paper bags. Some of the paint actually looks like frosting with this secret paint I use."

He wasn't willing to share his secret paint recipe.

In some cases, he used a squirt bottle full of paint that he randomly aimed and pointed at the canvas to create a few of the paintings, which sell for $120.

"Anyone familiar with Seattle's well-known neighborhoods will be able to look at any one of these paintings and probably see a familiar face," Haycock said.

But Haycock won't be able to make it to the show's opening.

The show premieres Nov. 1 and continues through Dec. 31 at the Backbone Wine Bar and Panini Cafe in downtown Kennewick. For wine bar hours, go to

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