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'Diner' is first environmental theater production

Hanford High's drama department will present a dessert theater starting Oct. 24 in the school's Black Box theater in Richland.

Dionys' Diner is Hanford's first foray into environmental theater, which is when the audience and the actors share the same space, explained director Matt Leggett.

"Environmental theater actually means that the barrier between performer and audience is reduced so that people who (attend) feel more a part of the story," Leggett said.

The show combines five short plays, which are about 10 to 20 minutes in length, and each takes place in Dionys' Diner.

"They are about friendship and dating, and very funny," Leggett added.

The Black Box theater will be set up with tables and chairs like a restaurant where the audience sits. At certain points in the play, the cast will sit at one of the tables with the audience members as the play progresses.

"We call the play Dionys' Diner after the Greek god of theater, Dionysus," Leggett said. "And rumor has it that Dionysus himself will make an appearance."

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