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Don't miss out on Tri-Cities' first TC3

Some people might think the word "con" refers to those bad boys living in the big house, or prison, for all those word purists out there.

But for a group of Tri-City comic book lovers, con is short for "convention" and that's exactly what they're holding Oct. 11 at the Red Lion Hotel in Pasco.

The first Tri-City Comic Con, aka TC3, kicks off at 10 a.m. with a day full of gaming, a short film festival, guest comic book artists sketching their magic for all to see, and a plethora of vendors hawking their new and vintage comic book paraphernalia.

"In the last few years, the (national) cons have drawn people in costumes," said organizer Nat Saenz. And those costumes have been known to be as wild and crazy as some of the comic book covers.

Comic Con isn't just limited to comic book fanatics, either. It's like a blend of sci-fi along with those comic book heroes.

That would be apparent by the convention's special guest, Tim Russ from Star Trek: Voyager fame. Russ is perhaps best known as the pointy-earred, incredibly cool Tuvok, chief of security and tactical officer during the TV series' seven-year run.

But it won't be acting that Russ will share with visitors to the con. Oh, he'll sign autographs and hang with the fans, but he'll also perform a concert because music is his first love.

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