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Music Review: Piano Squall's got some 'GAME'

Piano Squall: GAME

Most people may not know composers Nobuo Uematsu or Yuki Kajiura, but many are familiar with the music from the Final Fantasy series and Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Michael Gluck, a 25-year-old pianist from Redwood City, Calif., knows Kajiura and Uematsu and has re-created their legendary scores under his stage name, Piano Squall, on his album GAME (Game & Anime Music Emotions).

Fans of mecha anime Evangelion will love Cruel Angel's Thesis, where Gluck captures the breezy essence of the famous show.

The melancholy Sadness And Sorrow from the anime Naruto is terrific. The despair Gluck captures is breathtaking, paying homage to its original.

Listeners will feel the urge to rearrange things after hearing Korobeiniki, the famous Tetris theme. Gluck shows his finger dexterity and agility as he duplicates the fast-paced puzzle song.

Crank up the volume to TANK!, the theme from the Japanese anime Cowboy Bebop.

One of the best songs is Every Heart, from the anime Inuyasha. Originally performed with female vocals, the instrumental is just as beautiful and heartfelt.

Some of the tracks are a bit campy, such as Gluck's personally composed Boss Battle, proving he still has a way to go before leveling up.

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