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Burbank singer wins awards

Burbank singer Don Ohman won gold and silver medals in July at the World Championship of Performing Art in Hollywood.

The contest draws hundreds of people from all corners of the world to sing, act, dance and model and a chance to earn medals and perhaps recording or acting contracts.

The gold medal win was for Ohman's song, Please Pass the Asphalt , and the silver was for a Gospel song he performed at the event.

Please Pass the Asphalt earned national attention in 1996 when it caught the attention of Miami Herald columnist Dave Barry, who mentioned the song in one of his nationally syndicated columns.

Ohman, 61, suffered from a debilitating stroke in 1999 that affected his ability to play guitar or remember any of the lyrics to his songs. Through physical therapy and sheer determination, he bounced back into performing the music he loves.