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Tamástslikt celebrating 10 years

PENDLETON -- The Tamástslikt Cultural Institute near Pendleton is celebrating its 10th anniversary this month with all sorts of events for all ages.

Festivities kicks off at 9 a.m. Aug. 23 and continue all day. Admission is free.

There will even be a luncheon in the Kinship Cafe at the museum, featuring some Indian tacos served from 1 to 4 p.m. for a nominal fee.

Other events happening throughout the day include demonstrations of vintage games played by children hundreds of years ago.

Instructors from the International Traditional Games Society of Montana will be on hand introducing visitors to the rediscovery of such Indian heritage as skills of sensing, observing and intuition, as well as skills of endurance, strength and dexterity.

The visiting teachers will explain how thousands of old Indian games of intuition and chance were used to create situations where warriors of the past learned how to read body language, observe the environment or searched for different ways to connect with the Great Spirit.

Competitions taught social responsibility to the young and encouraged personal strength to spiritual values of the Indian way of life.

Richard Horn of the Blackfeet Indian tribe will head up the Tamástslikt games, teaching the cultural crafting techniques of bygone years.

Horn and his wife, as well as the couple's children, also will demonstrate many of the vintage games children used to play.

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