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Pasian a young artist to watch

Karina Pasian: First Love

Too young to vote but old enough to drive, Karina Pasian is a junior artist to watch.

The 17-year-old from New York won Star Search in 2003 and has her debut album First Love dropping on Aug. 19.

Classically trained on the piano, the singer is similar to Alicia Keys and on her first single, Pasian, she doesn't shrink from weighty issues.

16 @ War reflects on the distressful scenarios a 17-year-old shouldn't have to deal with -- avoiding men's advances and abstaining from drugs.

Listeners can hear her second single, Can't Find the Words, on iTunes. The song is a stark contrast from War, with uplifting lyrics about that moment in a relationship where this feeling is realized but there are no words to describe it:

"Now I know I come off kinda shy/But it's hard to say what's on my mind/The chemistry we have is hard to find/But to find the right words is gonna take some time."

Baby is an anthem for girls who are tired of boys just out to get some. The song mocks them and does so to a great beat. Lil Mama guests on the track, and the collaboration between the two is high-energy.

Pasian has a powerful voice laced with a soulful edge, making her a hot commodity that Interscope, Bad Boy Records and Def Jams desperately wanted to obtain. Ultimately, Def Jams won out.

With her vibrant style and fresh take on the light and dark issues of life, Pasian is proof that there are still young musicians worth listening to.

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