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Unition go all out on 'All In'

If there ever was a local band that was all in, it would be The Ladybird Unition. Once again they have brought their A-game to their latest self-titled EP.

The adrenaline-packed I'm All In is their first track and appropriately titled. The song is a legal mood elevator and a brilliant summer jam. This band with Tri-City roots is notorious for creating songs that demand attention, and on their new EP, they do not stray from this design.

Lead singer Jon Boetes demonstrates his showmanship through his energy in Ghost of the King. The chorus is catchy without being gimmicky. Playing with different effects, there's a rad electric solo.

Every second on Run Faster Horse is well worth the listen. The song strays from the band's previous style of fast-paced rhythm, instead opting for a piano-based track (think: The Used's Smother Me). The song slowly builds with Boetes' vocals slightly masked, giving them a wispy effect. The incorporation of all the instruments at the climax is brilliantly executed. Despite ditching the fast tempo on this track, Horse doesn't disappoint, and oddly enough, doesn't lose the Unition's trademark style.

Clocking in at just under 12 minutes, their EP is polished and fans wouldn't expect anything less.