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Kingsmen lead goes beyond music, plays in Richland tonight

Dick Peterson is making a movie.

An animated film actually.

And it has nothing to do with The Kingsmen, Louie Louie or anything else that rocks a bandstand.

"Can't tell you what it's about right now," Peterson, the lead singer for The Kingsmen, said in a recent phone interview. "But I can tell you it's a different concept of pictures for animation."

However, Peterson did say the film will have a different type of music and take place far from the blue planet called Earth.

Peterson also hasn't decided on a title yet but confessed his film, which still is being put together, has drawn serious Hollywood interest.

But movies will not be a priority for Peterson on June 20 when the big-time party band, The Kingsmen, comes to Richland for a street dance to kick off weekend festivities for Cool Deserts Nights.

Peterson and fellow band mate Mike Mitchell are the only remaining original members of The Kingsmen, who were a garage rock band long before the term garage rock became known in the music world.

The Portland-based quartet earned international fame with their song Louie Louie, which held the No. 2 spot on the music charts for six weeks in 1963.

The song sparked as much outrage from adults as it did overwhelming worship from teenagers. The reason was because the innocuous lyrics were sung with mumbled enunciation, which fed the imagination of the group's teenage fans as well as their parents who believed the words were scandalous obscenities.

The song was even banned by the governor of Indiana for a time.

Today, the band is made up of Peterson, Mitchell, Steve Peterson, Todd McPherson and Dennis Mitchell.

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