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Scottish Fest to bring the Celtic out in Prosser

PROSSER -- There's nothing like a few bagpipes, some Celtic dancing and some anvil tossing to liven up a party.

That's exactly what Prosser has planned next weekend when the annual Scottish Fest comes to the Port of Benton Wine and Food Park.

Gates open at 8:30 a.m. June 21 with festivities happening throughout the day and early evening.

One of the events, which springs from ancient Celtic traditions, is the anvil launch. The event features a large blacksmith anvil weighing up to 100 pounds sitting on top of an ignition platform charged with black powder. The powder is ignited and -- kaboom! -- the anvil shoots upward, sometimes as high as 125 feet.

Highland heavy athletic games have more legends attached to their origins than there are stars in the sky. One of those fables states that kings and clan chiefs judged competitions in an attempt to find out who in the clan had the best agility, cunning and physical strength.

The clansmen who rose victorious from the games were rewarded with positions of leadership that were practiced on the battlefield as well as within the clan.

But Scottish Fest isn't all about sports. There's Celtic music to go with all the competition. Entertainment scheduled to appear at the event includes the An Daire Irish Dancers, Skweez the Weezle, Ye Merrie Greenwood Scots and others.

Vendors also will be on hand selling their wares of lavender, Celtic beads, gemstone jewelry and needlecraft.

Admission to the fest is $7 for adults and $4 for seniors and kids ages 6 to 12. Kids 5 and younger are free.

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