Readers' Choice

2016 Best Veterinarian: Animal Hospital of Pasco

Dr. Hank Oliver and his staff at Animal Hospital of Pasco know a thing or two about treating the Tri-Cities’ beloved pets, from cats and dogs to goats and horses. Dr. Oliver has even treated tigers, camels, zebras and a wallaby.

“We do it all. If they can’t find anyone else that really knows their way around it, we’ll help as best we can,” Dr. Oliver said of the more exotic animals he’s treated throughout his career.

Over the years the Animal Hospital of Pasco has expanded from a garage and a couple rooms to their current building.

“We did a remodel a couple years ago because one of our biggest problems was being able to get people through in a timely fashion because we were somewhat limited on space,” Dr. Oliver explained. “We expanded the clinic and that has helped out tremendously.”

Aside from the typical cat and dog treatments, Dr. Oliver and his staff are known for their equine care. There are several barns and stables on the property, and they recently purchased a wireless digital x-ray plate to help with equine work.

The staff at Animal Hospital of Pasco stays plenty busy with routine surgeries, checkups and boarding, but they also provide emergency help during non-working hours.

“People really appreciate it when you’re there for their animal after hours,” Dr. Oliver said. “We have great clients. They’re incredibly appreciative of what we do and it’s heartwarming.”

1. Animal Hospital of Pasco

3012 Road 92, Pasco, 509-545-9949

2. Meadow Hills Veterinary Center

3711 Plaza Way, Kennewick, 509-735-0397

8802 W. Gage Blvd., Kennewick, 509-783-0399

3. Vista Veterinary Hospital

5603 W. Canal Drive, Kennewick, 509-783-2131