UPDATE: Hostage situation false; Richland police cite ‘mental health component’

Richland police say that the hostage situation along Adams Street was false and cited a “mental health” issue in the report.

Lt. Curtis Smith told media at the scene that there were no hostages, no hostage takers and no weapons involved in the incident on the 800 block of Adams.

“There was no crime,” Smith said.

The report began with a woman calling 911 and telling dispatchers that her son was telling her that an unknown man was in the house.

The man reportedly had a “black machine gun” and was holding two women hostage in the attic.

Smith said the mother was convinced her son was telling the truth because he was able to talk clearly.

Richland and Kennewick officers, and Benton County sheriff’s deputies, responded to the scene. Eventually, the Tri-City Regional SWAT team took over and attempted to contact the man to no avail.

A little while later, the woman’s son came out of the house and talked with authorities. He gave the name of the alleged hostage taker, as well as one of the hostages.

Smith said officers knew the name of the woman because they’d talked with her before. They called her; she was on the other side of town, Smith said.

SWAT members went through the house and found no one in the house other than the son.

Smith said the woman’s son had a “mental break with reality.” He added that he anticipated no criminal charges, but that a mental health information report would be written about the incident.