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WWII Japanese relocation center topic of meeting

The Badger Club meeting to remember the 75th anniversary of the Minidoka Relocation Center for Japanese-Americans during World War II is now rescheduled for April 27. I first wrote about this event in the newspaper on Jan. 15. Weather forced cancellation then, but that article stimulated local comment in the newspaper and online. The community comments reinforce the Badger Club’s reasons for holding the meeting, and (in some cases) challenge the Club’s commitment to civil discourse.

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Invest in the nation’s parks

Last year, America’s national parks attracted 331 million visitors — an increase of 7.7 percent over the record set the previous year. While visitors to the outdoors often are reminded to pack out what they pack in, those who sojourn to our national parks often violate this tenet by leaving behind their money.

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Physicians from developing countries support SIGN efforts

I am inspired by doctors who are caring for patients in need, especially in conflict areas. These men and women have the means to escape violence, but see it as their moral duty to remain in their country and treat their countrymen. They put their lives in danger every day. Due to the recent tragedy at a military hospital in Afghanistan, I want to highlight some of my friends who partner with SIGN Fracture Care International in Afghanistan. I have not mentioned their names or specific locations due to security reasons.

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Time for single-payer health care system

One of the most important issues we all face is health care. Anyone watching the news recently has been inundated with competing ideas and programs on this topic. But there is one characteristic that our pre-Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) system shared with the recent Republican plan and with Obamacare itself: They are all ruinously expensive. By many measurements, we actually have one of the worse health care systems among modern nations.

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GOP failure is opportunity to fix the ACA

The utter failure of congressional Republicans to replace Obamacare two weeks ago was a good thing. The U.S. House Republican plan would have thrown an estimated 24 million Americans off coverage over 10 years while handing tax cuts to the wealthy and a bonanza to insurers.

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Keep statewide exams as high school graduation requirement

Although only 13 states still require high school students to pass exams to earn their diploma, Washington has stayed the course to make sure high school diplomas continue to mean something. Lawmakers should hold onto that ideal and defeat House Bill 1046, which would make the English, math and science exams no longer count for graduation.

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Budget proposal threatens Tri-City arts and cultural programs

Last year at the Connell library, an unusual children’s story time took place. Parents and children gathered not only to listen to a storyteller read books like Where the Wild Things Are and Amazing Grace, but also to discuss deep issues like fairness, justice truth, and courage. The program, which has also taken place in Pasco, Kennewick, and Richland, is anything but child’s play: it has been shown to boost children’s interest in reading and encourage more kids to use the library.

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Forward to the past: Trump’s nuclear arms race

Donald Trump came into office as president with an ambiguous stance toward nuclear weapons like Ronald Reagan’s. On Feb.22, President Trump said he wants to build up the U.S. nuclear arsenal, alleging that the United States has fallen behind in its nuclear weapons capacity. In an interview with Reuters news service, he called the current New START treaty between the United States and Russia “a one-sided deal.”


Kamiakin softball salvages split with Chiawana

After losing the first half of the doubleheader on a Sam Cissne walk-off, the Kamiakin softball team scores six runs in the first inning of the night cap and hangs on for a 6-5 win over MCC foe Chiawana. Andria Skeels caps her four-out save by striking out Kami Bengen.
Kamiakin softball salvages split with Chiawana 1:47

Kamiakin softball salvages split with Chiawana

Students push to stop distracted driving 1:07

Students push to stop distracted driving

Serious crash along I-82 near Benton City 0:14

Serious crash along I-82 near Benton City

Watch the I-90 Snoqualmie Pass East Design Concept 4:01

Watch the I-90 Snoqualmie Pass East Design Concept