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Japanese internment camp topic of Badger Club presentation

There was fear of foreign peoples and customs. There was fear of terrorism. Just like there is today — but this was 75 years ago. The attack on Pearl Harbor unleashed fears about national security, particularly on the Pacific coast. President Roosevelt ordered relocation for anyone of Japanese ancestry, whether an alien or a citizen, to one of 10 remote inland camps outside the Pacific military zone. This order affected 120,000 people, two-thirds of whom were native-born American citizens.

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Whither the Electoral College?

On Nov. 8, Hillary Clinton received a 2 percent larger portion of the popular vote than Donald Trump, yet Trump won the presidency. Historically, five presidents won in the Electoral College while holding a popular vote deficit, the most striking being John Adams in 1824 with a whopping 10 percent deficit. Frustration and anger over a system that seems to hand the presidency to the wrong person is alive in the land.

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Crack down on those who are driven to distraction

Many motorists insist that they can safely combine driving with putting a cellphone by their ear or in front of their face — whether for placing phone calls or for using the many apps that have exploded into the automobile world. Some drivers may be right about their motoring multitasking, but too many are wrong — so wrong that accidents have spiked, as has the attention of Washington legislators.

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Time for Washington to abandon the death penalty

Washington state should outlaw the death penalty. It’s an incredibly expensive criminal justice tool that is unevenly applied. Prosecutors in just three counties — King, Pierce and Snohomish — can still afford to consider adding an estimated $1 million to the cost of a trial to seek the death penalty, according to a Seattle University study.

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More objectivity needed in politics

Deep in the psyche of people are certain modes of thought that harken back to our days of living in primitive bands and tribes. Modern-day anthropologists and psychologists try to discover our mental heritage, and a revelation of such studies is that people tend to innately have a deep tribal loyalty.

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Vocabulary sleuths collect words for fun

Some people collect baseball cards. Others collect bottle caps. I once met a woman who collected salt-and-pepper shakers. But what happens to the collection when the collector checks out? Is her great niece stuck with a menagerie of ceramic salt-and-pepper shakers disguised as pigs, cows and chickens? And just how many shakers does a person need anyway?

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Inslee’s plan a good start on reforming mental health system

For all the partisan fault lines in Olympia, there is bipartisan agreement that Washington’s mental health system needs help. Gov. Jay Inslee and the Legislature have confronted one red flag after another over the past three years — blistering court rulings, embarrassing national rankings, a federal takeover of Western State Hospital — with emergency spending and a whiff of desperation.

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WSU and UW are right to allow controversial speaker

In January, a controversial speaker — Milo Yiannopoulos, a provocateur and editor of the Breitbart News Network who has been banned from Twitter for racism and misogyny — will be appearing at Washington State University in Pullman and then at the University of Washington in Seattle.

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Reducing the burden of the death tax on families

We work hard every day to provide for our families and during that time we pay numerous taxes on the fruit of our labor. In Washington, however, there is also the threat that our death may trigger an additional tax for our families to deal with after we’re gone.


Trump congratulates first confirmed cabinet members Mattis and Kelly at inaugural ball

President Donald Trump, with first lady Melania by his side, congratulated the first two confirmed cabinet members of his administration during the second of his three inaugural balls. Gen. 'Mad Dog' Mattis and Gen. John Kelly were formally approved and sworn in as defense secretary and secretary of homeland security on Friday.
Trump congratulates first confirmed cabinet members Mattis and Kelly at inaugural ball 0:46

Trump congratulates first confirmed cabinet members Mattis and Kelly at inaugural ball

Hungry squirrels forage under blanket of snow in Kennewick 0:55

Hungry squirrels forage under blanket of snow in Kennewick

Ice skating down the street 0:29

Ice skating down the street

An Icy Time 1:14

An Icy Time