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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Speak up about corruption

We – you, me, all of us – need to be very, very concerned. No matter your political persuasion, the relentless attacks by our president on our press and his continual efforts to castigate and castrate our FBI and CIA are extremely disturbing.

Letters to the Editor

Letter: Republicans afraid of the truth

Today’s cohort of Republican elected officials are now tarred for violating their sworn oaths, by abetting President Trump’s alleged crimes. Many may assert they are merely the admiring parade watchers as our naked emperor struts, claiming “No collusion!” They may be intoxicated with “so much winning,” having seated Gorsuch.

Letters to the Editor

Letter: Immigration vote needs to come sooner

Your skepticism in Congressman Newhouse’s strategy on immigration reform (TCH editorial, May 20) is well founded. He is relying on House Speaker Ryan’s promise to bring immigration legislation that the president will support to the House floor in June, rather than join 20 Republican congressman and House Democrats to address the issue now.

Letters to the Editor

Letter: $1.5 trillion could have paid for roads, bridges

The Tri-Cities is insulated from the outside world, so it’s no surprise that our local taxpayer-supported economic boom started long before we (not including me) elected our current Golfer-in-Chief. After failing to take healthcare away from millions of Americans, he then chose to borrow $1.5 trillion from our children and grandchildren and dole it out mostly to corporations and the 1 percent, with a few crumbs to the rest of us.

Letters to the Editor

Letter: Stop double dipping on car tabs

I agree with the previous letter writer about what happened to our $35 car tab fee. But an equally troubling question is why if I pay the tab fee for my car and I pay for a whole year, if I sell my car then the next person is charged for the full year of car tab fee?

Letters to the Editor

Letter: Good neighbors, good firemen

Recently a sweet potato exploded in my microwave. It caused a tremendous amount of smoke in the apartment and in the hall. The Kennewick Fire Department was here immediately and took care of the problem. A good (unknown neighbor) came over and opened a window I couldn’t. She told the fireman I could stay overnight in her apartment.

Letters to the Editor

Letter: Step up

Because of the unnecessary and preventable death of a mentally ill teen incarcerated in the Benton County jail in 2016, the taxpayers will be out $1.2 million in a recently settled wrongful death lawsuit.

Letters to the Editor

Letter: Consider bias

Most of us know discrimination is bad (racial, sexual, etc.), but at times appropriate and reasonable. We may not want to trust, date or hire someone with an extensive criminal history, alcoholism, etc. But, experience or knowledge are usually desirable. (Politicians being a notable exception, hence term limits.)

Vetoes and how the Legislature can override them

Joe Fain, a Republican state senator from King County, breaks down how Washington's veto process differs from Congress and the historical fate of bills that have come up against the governor's red pen.