The Columbian: Fix mental health gaps

Let’s say that you are a police officer. You confront a man who has barged into somebody’s apartment. He tries to slash you with a steak knife. You know that children are in the apartment, but you do not know where. The man ignores your orders, runs into a bedroom, and tries to close the door. You hear a child cry, seemingly from the direction where the man is headed.

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Letter: Remember to fill out form for free, reduced lunch

With the start of the 2017-18 school year, I would like to remind ALL families to fill out the Free and Reduced Lunch form. Besides providing a free or low-cost breakfast and/or lunch, statistics show that students who eat healthy food not only learn better, but retain more of what they’re taught. In addition, students who qualify can also receive benefits such as waivers to take the SAT or ACT college tests, a reduced price for books or tuition at CBC, and more.

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Letter: Tearing down statues won’t change thought

Well another terrorist attack in Europe. We have the problem of important Revolutionary leaders’ statues meant to honor heroes in spite of their human failures. Tearing down the statues seems to show the shallow thinking of many Americans. It did not nor will it change the inner thinking of the public.

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Republicans have courted racists for years. Why are they cringing now?

Last week’s violent demonstration by white supremacists in Charlottesville, Virginia, culminating in the death of 32-year-old Heather Heyer, made for a carnival of obscenity as sickening as it was riveting. But the thing is, it did not spring from nowhere. In 1968, Richard Nixon employed the controversial “Southern Strategy” to draw whites to his presidential campaign.

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Letter: Conduct state business in the open

A front-page article last month in the Walla Walla Union-Bulletin quoted the governor regarding the manufacturing tax break which he vetoed: “It was done in the middle of the night.” Could it be simple retaliation because Senate Republicans mostly rejected his $1.7 billion collective bargaining agreements with public sector labor unions, which were negotiated in secret?

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Letter: Lattin best candidate for sheriff

There are many reasons that I believe Ken Lattin is the right candidate, and here are a few key reasons. He is a longtime Tri-Cities resident with a vision to make all of Benton County a better and safer community to live in. He has worked as a police officer for almost 30 years, spending the majority of his time with the Kennewick Police Department where he currently is a sergeant. He is honest and shows integrity in all aspects of his life.


Vetoes and how the Legislature can override them

Joe Fain, a Republican state senator from King County, breaks down how Washington's veto process differs from Congress and the historical fate of bills that have come up against the governor's red pen.
Vetoes and how the Legislature can override them 2:36

Vetoes and how the Legislature can override them

2024 solar eclipse will be longer, closer to East Coast 1:32

2024 solar eclipse will be longer, closer to East Coast

Hanford Reach fire from Aug. 21 0:40

Hanford Reach fire from Aug. 21

Solar eclipse viewing at CBC in Pasco 1:02

Solar eclipse viewing at CBC in Pasco