Progress Edition

Progress Edition

Tri-Cities Local Business Association: Increasing efforts for local businesses in Hanford cleanup

Local businesses offer a wealth of expertise gained over decades of cleaning up Hanford. Last year, we described our efforts to leverage that expertise in markets as far away as China to help us transition to a sustainable Tri-Cities economy beyond Hanford. Submissions by our member companies highlighted their success in bringing new business into our community and exporting their expertise to help clients elsewhere. The year prior, we focused on the importance and potential of the Department of Energy’s and the prime contractors’ subcontracting policies in the growth and development of local businesses. This year, we are addressing the need for more local business involvement in, and accountability for, Hanford cleanup.

Progress Edition

Pacific Northwest Site Office: New lab will expand PNNL’s capabilities

As science and technology expand, we must ensure the world’s and nation’s brightest minds have access to capabilities and facilities. For the Department of Energy and its Pacific Northwest Site Office (PNSO), this translates to ensuring processes, procedures, equipment and facilities that are running safely and efficiently. While the scientists, engineers and researchers at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory press the bounds of scientific knowledge, the staff of PNSO remain dedicated to their continued success.

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