Dems struggle to vet candidates in fast-moving #MeToo moment

The early exit on Friday of Andrea Ramsey, a leading Democratic candidate in a key congressional race – a woman backed by the deep pockets of liberal Emily’s List – underscores both how unprepared these new candidates are for the unforgiving political scrutiny of a battleground campaign and the difficulty of fully vetting so many recruits.


Dems’ new plan for 2018: New candidates, more ambition

Democratic leaders say this week’s shock victories, headlined by gubernatorial candidate Ralph Northam’s attention-grabbing nine-point win in Virginia, are making them reconsider the 2018 midterm elections, convinced the party should grow more ambitious amid a backlash to President Donald Trump.


Republicans suddenly fear disastrous 2018

For Republicans, Tuesday’s results across the country were a reminder that Democrats are capable of translating liberal anti-Trump energy into actual votes. It was evidence of the environmental perils that often await a president’s party in the midterm elections—especially when that president has historically low approval ratings.


Races tighten in Richland, Connell and Pasco

Most primary ballots were counted Wednesday, tightening the races in some Mid-Columbia races. A Richland City Councilwoman pulled ahead of her closest challenger after more ballots were counted but her challengers just a few votes apart.

Election 2016 in 4 minutes: a year and a half of historic surprises and scandals

In the past year and a half, American voters have been presented with historic surprises and scandals from their presidential nominees. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton's promises of "making America great again" and being "stronger together" have
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