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How to get the lived-in look without the clutter

While we're told time and time again to keep our homes clean and clutter-free, our busy lives often get in the way. But we're here to tell you, there is a happy medium. A home that embraces both comfort and chic. This new trend has been dominating our feeds lately, and we're calling it the lived-in look. It's the interior equivalent of French-girl style: cool and completely carefree. It's impeccably styled yet appears like you never lifted a finger.

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Plumber: Preparing to save water in the kitchen

Q: Hi Ed, I am an avid home chef with a very large kitchen. I plan to install a prep sink in my island for rinsing and washing foods. Since I'm not filling large pots in this sink, I would like to install a water-saving kitchen faucet. Can you please give me the quick rundown on a couple water-saving choices for kitchen faucets?

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Style at Home: Let's hear it for the boys: Menswear fabric adds class

It all started with a fashion intervention. When I was a little girl, for Easter mass, all the other little girls' mothers dressed their princesses in frilly pink and blue frocks. My mom put me in a well-cut, no-nonsense khaki and cream dress. When I protested, wanting to look like the other girls, she gave me a knowing look and said, "Honey, you're just more of a tailored-dress kind of girl." In my heart, I knew she was right. And I've had a deep and abiding love for classic styling and menswear fabric ever since.

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Yardsmart: Wild tulips for a drought garden

If you're gardening in drought, wild tulips may become your new best friend this year. These are wildflowers that bloom in spring throughout the mountain ranges and hill country of the Mediterranean and points east. They were first collected by the Persians and later used by the Dutch in early breeding of modern show tulips. They are the hardy pioneers called "botanical tulips" left behind in the wake of our obsession with fancy horticultural varieties.

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WSU Extension Q&A: Wait for pumpkin skin to toughen before picking

This weekly Washington State University (WSU) Q&A is for the Mid-Columbia in Washington state that talks about everything from gardening to food to animals and 4-H. This week’s WSU Extension Q&A discusses when is a good time to pick pumpkins, Birdsfoot Trefoil is a legume and is beneficial to pasture mixes, and get a soil test to determine what kind of fertilizer is needed for forage crops.

Marianne Ophardt

Garden Tips: Repotting orchids is easier than you think

Today, you can go into almost any store that sells houseplants and find blooming orchids available at reasonable prices. Orchids are no longer exotic plants grown only in the tropics or by experts with greenhouses. You and I can grow them fairly easily in our homes, but the care does differ from that of other houseplants.


How to set up a straw bale garden

Cindy Hoedel demonstrates how to set up and condition straw bales so you can grow food in them.
Cindy Hoedel The Kansas City Star
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How to set up a straw bale garden

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How to clean a messy landscaping bed

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How to dig up dandelions

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