R&B star Kelis dishes on her cooking

This book is not a celebrity cash-in. See, singer-songwriter Kelis, who's made a steady career on the vanguard of R&B and soul music for nearly 20 years, just wrote a new cookbook called "My Life on a Plate." It's a book of serious recipes, ambitious in its geographic breadth and an insightful look at how food and music intersect.


10 ways to maximize space in your studio

For the past 15 years, I have lived in a studio apartment - well, three different studio apartments, to be exact. While I would love to say that nesting in a small space has taught me how to be a minimalist, anyone who has seen the stacks of shoeboxes in my closet or the piles of cooking magazines in my living room knows I would be telling a gigantic lie. I like things and have accumulated a lot of stuff, yet my studio feels roomy, comfortable and, most importantly, like home. You can take a small space and make it your own as well - it just requires a little savvy and know-how. Here are 10 simple ways to maximize space in your studio apartment.

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