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    A matzo ball soup fit for a weeknight dinner

    A classic matzo ball soup often has few ingredients beyond a delicious broth and a deliciously large and tender matzo ball. But we wanted to turn this staple of Passover into a full and satisfying meal.


    What's for dinner: Chicken Stewed with Red Wine and Mushrooms

    It's getting harder and harder to sit down for Sunday dinner with my daughters, who in just a few months will graduate from high school and are busy juggling part-time jobs with school and boyfriends. So when the stars finally do align for a family meal, I want to make it special.


    Wine shines during Easter, Passover

    From the point of view of religion, this is wine drinking's annual high-water mark. Easter isn't Easter without its dinner of lamb or ham and their wines; Passover isn't Pesach without the mandated four cups of wine during the Seder and then more afterward to wash down the brisket. Here's betting...


    Dinner times two: Make the most of your holiday ham

    I'm practical and hungry, a duo that makes leftovers the best part of any holiday meal. That's as true for the Easter ham as with any other platter of protein at a family gathering.


    Feast on 50 dishes from 50 novels

    Last year, writer-art director Dinah Fried posted five "photographic recreations of meals from classic and contemporary literature," dishes she assembled and styled herself. As a result, her site got more than 200,000 hits and was mentioned on TV shows and blog sites, and in newspapers...


    Circus chef on a high wire

    Matt Loory ran away and joined the circus.


    Culinary SOS: Jose Andres' flan from Jaleo in Vegas

    Dear SOS: Recently I joined friends for a birthday celebration at Jaleo in the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas. Among the desserts we shared was a very delicious classic Spanish flan with espuma of Catalan cream and oranges. Could you please see if the restaurant will share the recipe?


    Revisiting Calvin W. Schwabe's 'Unmentionable Cuisine'

    Culling my bookshelves recently, I came across my much-thumbed copy of "Unmentionable Cuisine" and remembered the dinners, years ago, that Bonnie Hughes of the late Augusta's Restaurant in Berkeley, Calif., organized with author Calvin W. Schwabe. The menus read something like this: deep-fried turkey...


    Souvlaki (Lamb Kabobs) with Lentils and Rice Pilaf

    Barbecued, skewered lamb, called souvlaki, is sold as a quick meal on many street corners in Athens. A simple Greek marinade of lemon juice, olive oil, oregano and garlic flavors the meat. The best cut of lamb for kabobs comes from the leg. If not on display, ask for them at the meat counter.


    When the chickens came home to roost

    The chickens are out of feed. Before they can make a dash through the coop's open door, I hoist the round metal feeder from its hook and squat-walk backward until I can stand straight again. I turn my back on the flock, fill the feeder and crouch back into the coop.

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