Letter: Too late to change?

July 17, 2014 

Are we now reaping the rewards of many government and judicial actions?

Violence is rampant in TV, movies and video games. The teaching of right from wrong has been banned from our schools. The value of human life has been degraded. Abortion has been declared as choice.

Displaying the 10 Commandments at our schools and public institutions has been declared unconstitutional. The words "Thou shalt not murder" don't seem to apply any more.

Neither do the words "Fathers raise up your children in the admonition of the Lord." But that is not the problem, attitude is. When I was in high school 60-plus years ago, students parked their pickups in the school parking lot. Many had gun racks in the back window and some even took their rifle or shotguns to go hunting after school. No one ever heard of school shootings. The difference is we knew right from wrong.

Some will say, "The Bible is outdated," but what is outdated about saying you shall not murder. Sounds like good advice to me.

Have we gone too far to draw back from this violence-riddled environment?


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