Letter: Public safety

July 16, 2014 

I'm thankful for the local and state law enforcement officials who kept us safe during an armed confrontation in Pasco last Thursday. The situation was dangerous and extremely scary, and could have been a lot worse than it was.

Tri-Cities' finest came onto the scene and took control. As I, along with numerous residents of the area, we're trying to return home, we were kept from doing so by officers who were concerned and cared about our safety.

I encountered a state trooper on the perimeter of the situation who told me, when I suggested that perhaps I could walk around the cul-de-sac to my home, that that idea was not at all possible. My heart fills with pride and love for these law enforcement officers who are there 24/7, mostly invisible to us, only to be recognized by their uniforms and badges.

As the captain said to the cops at the end of the shift report, "Be careful out there." God bless you all.


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