Election letter 4th District: Cicotte

July 15, 2014 

With the upcoming election for Congress, there are several items that have been on my mind that need some serious consideration. The federal budget is out of control and has been allowed to escalate because we have destroyed the checks and balances as were in the Constitution as written by our Founding Fathers. The health care system has caused so much concern and has cost the taxpayers billions of dollars. It must be repealed. Health care is only part of that law which has many new taxes that have not been identified to the American people, but are now a major part of that law.

I have visited personally with George Cicotte -- his contract with Eastern Washington addresses the health care system, balances the budget and gets it under control, and restores respect for the Constitution as originally intended by our Founders.

Because of his stated goals and his commitment to God and this country, including promoting quality family life and my feelings that he is an honest and moral individual, I encourage you to join with me in supporting and voting for George Cicotte as our Representative from the 4th Congressional District.


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