Letter: Rachel Road extension

July 15, 2014 

Several letters to the editor have mentioned Amon Basin and the potential road that the city of Richland is discussing. Kathy Dechter's June 11 letter struck a couple chords with me.

First, she states, "So we citizens thought we were safe to invest thousands of hours and dollars to purchase and protect Amon." Is she unaware that the city of Richland also invested thousands of dollars to purchase a right of way for this road? Has she not read the property agreement (signed by the Tapteal Greenway), which states "the city shall have the right to construct a public road across Amon Creek"? Those who worked to get the land purchased and then turned over to the city knew full well that a road would be built across the preserve some day.

A second part of her letter I would like to dispute is when she cautions that Amon Preserve could be gone forever. This is absurd -- a road across the area would take up a very small portion (a footprint of approximately 1.7 acres out of 75), leaving the rest intact for her and her four-legged friends to enjoy.

PAT MESSER, Benton City

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