New parking lots paying off for Leavenworth

The Wenatchee WorldJuly 15, 2014 

LEAVENWORTH -- Leavenworth's first paid parking lots have brought in nearly $73,000 since January.

City Administrator Joel Walinski said the amount is fairly high considering that Leavenworth's higher traffic visitor months are usually between July and December.

In 2012, Leavenworth purchased the Leavenworth Fruit Warehouse property, creating around 150 new parking spaces. It also added improvements to a lot next to city hall, which has room for about 60 vehicles.

The city started charging for parking to help pay for the property purchase and parking lot improvements. The debt service on the property is $185,000 for the next 20 years.

The city began charging $1.50 per hour and $7.50 for the day at these two lots last September.

Between the time the lots opened in September the end of December last year, the lots brought in more than $64,000.

"The numbers for parking are running slightly higher than expected," Walinski said. "We are tracking in a positive direction."

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