Advice for candidates

July 14, 2014 

I was pleased to read the letter, "Congress: Cicotte," in the July 2 Herald, which claimed that one of the eight Republican candidates for the 4th Congressional District is "practical, grounded and believable." Considering the current crop of Republicans in today's Congress, he will be the odd man out.

For the last six years, we have been subjected to Republicans in Congress (and the House in particular) whose main goal is to oppose everything even suggested or supported by Democrats. Compromise has become a dirty word despite the fact that the very government they have sworn to represent was designed by our Founding Fathers via compromise. (Why do you think there are TWO Houses in Congress?)

I was away, so I missed the Benton County Republican Party's candidate forum in June. However, here are some suggestions I have: (1) represent your constituency, not your party; (2) represent all citizens; (3) govern and leave ideology behind; and (4) work together with your fellow Congressmen and your president.


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