Letter: Throw out Democrats

July 14, 2014 

You published my letter in February, accusing Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., of buying votes on the east side of the state by adding $5 million to the Democrat Omnibus budget proposal for a bio-fuels laboratory at Washington State University Tri-Cities.

Well, she is still at it. I read where she included in another bill $50 million for a new clinic at the Walla Walla Veterans Medical Center. The center is not a hospital but just a clinic now.

Even more recently she was in town taking credit for a $10.6 million grant for upgrading the Pasco Airport and then again $6 million for the Reach museum.

With Patty leading the Democrats as their financial chairman, no wonder our national debt is now more than $17 trillion. Patty Murray's new Democrat Omnibus budget submitted earlier this year included much more pork. Go to her website and see all the pork she is taking credit for on the east side of the state. It makes what she is claiming for the east side small potatoes. Let's return to fiscal sanity and throw out these irresponsible Democrats across the board.


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