Letter: Gun giveaway

July 14, 2014 

Responding to Ron Reimann's opinion on congressional candidate Clint Didier's gun giveaway (Letters, July 8). First, I understand his anger at the thefts and violations done to his property. I am sincerely sorry about his losses.

However, if in response to these unlawful acts, Reimann were to hand out those guns that were identified in Didier's advertisement, he'd know he wasn't handing out guns to kill gophers.

Moreover, regarding Reimann's comment that he wishes that it could be tanks. As someone who has faced tanks as a child, I know the horror never leaves you. I don't think Reimann would really want this for our country.

When one has to face opposing views, which, I am sure Reimann experiences in his professional life, does he attempt to find solutions or just throw down the gauntlet?

I sincerely hope that as a nation and here locally, we work together to end gun violence. Would Reimann be willing to do that?


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