Fast Focus: 'Should personal fireworks be banned?' Councils must be bold

July 13, 2014 

Should personal fireworks be banned? Do bears have hair?

It is difficult to catch those using illegal fireworks. Since more of those are used every year in my neighborhood and probably others, the only solution is ban them all and this would allow the police to focus in on smaller areas. It sounded like a war zone in my neighborhood with huge explosions that shook my house, and this continued for hours.

The law isn't obeyed as to hours nor to the type of fireworks. More of the illegal explosive fireworks are exploded every year as more people observe that others escape fines. Either ban them or make the fine $1,000 or more. I could give the police a few pointers as to how to catch violators.

Mr. City Councilman who remarked that he couldn't vote to ban fireworks because he used them when he was a kid, a lot of things have changed since you and I were kids!

-- JOHN FAULKNER, Richland

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