3 headed to trial over Kennewick burglary, assault

Kristin M. Kraemer, Tri-City HeraldJuly 11, 2014 

Three Kennewick men have Aug. 25 trial dates on allegations they dragged a man out of bed and broke his jaw because the victim accused them of burglarizing his home.

Alonzo Galindo, Jose Angel Navarro and David Larry Smith all have pleaded innocent to their charges in Benton County Superior Court.

The victim, Kyle J. Hosfield, had to undergo surgery at Trios Health in Kennewick following the July 5 attack. In addition to a jaw broken in two places, one tooth was broken off and another tooth was knocked up into Hosfield's gums, according to court documents.

Hosfield is Smith's stepbrother.

Galindo, 24, is charged with residential burglary, first-degree burglary and second-degree assault.

Navarro, who turned 27 on the Fourth of July, and Smith, 23, each face one count of first-degree burglary.

Hosfield and his roommates went out the evening of July 4 to watch the fireworks from Columbia Park.

They returned four hours later to find their West 10th Avenue apartment had been burglarized. Someone got in through a bedroom window and took about $1,800 in property, including a television, two video game systems, video games and DVDs.

While the group was out that night, one roommate got a text from Galindo asking where they were, court documents said. The roommate replied that they were in the park, and Galindo said he would join them but he never showed up, documents said.

Hosfield contacted his mother and said he suspected Smith was involved. She relayed the message to Smith, who reportedly got angry and took his friends to confront Hosfield at 7:30 a.m. the next day.

Hosfield and his roommates were sleeping, so after repeatedly knocking on the front door, Smith allegedly opened a sliding glass door and went into his stepbrother's bedroom.

Prosecutors say Smith dragged Hosfield out of bed and, along with Navarro, yelled that if they were going to be accused of stealing, they should assault Hosfield.

They stepped outside the apartment where Galindo was waiting. He questioned how Hosfield could accuse him "after I had your back," then proceeded to punch Hosfield in the face, court documents said.

Kennewick police set up surveillance later that evening at the Hawaiian Village complex near the apartment where the three suspects were believed to be staying. Galindo and Navarro each had state Department of Corrections warrants for their arrest.

Smith was arrested outside the apartment, but no one answered the door even though officers reportedly knew that Galindo and others were inside.

Police, with assistance from Richland officers and Benton County sheriff's deputies, used a loudspeaker to address the occupants, and eventually Galindo, Navarro and two women exited.

A search of that apartment turned up the stolen property from Hosfield's place in a bedroom, court documents said.

A tenant told police that Galindo and his girlfriend had been staying in that bedroom while visiting Navarro, but Galindo denied living in that apartment anymore even though there was mail with his name in the room, documents said.

Galindo further told officers that he couldn't remember much about the night of July 4 or the following morning "because of the amount of alcohol he consumed."

Smith, in an interview with police, denied any involvement in the burglary and said he and Navarro didn't leave their apartment after 4 p.m. because everyone was drinking heavily.

Smith said he was shocked to get the call from his mother the next morning and went to talk to Hosfield about the accusations. Smith claimed he woke up Hosfield and asked if his stepbrother suspected him of the burglary, but said when he left with his friends "nothing physical had occurred" and Hosfield was not injured, court documents said.

When detectives told Smith that Hosfield was in surgery and that the stolen property was found in the Hawaiian Village apartment, Smith said that wasn't possible and ended his interview, documents said.

However, Smith allegedly asked to speak to detectives again several minutes later and said he'd witnessed Galindo punch Hosfield in the face two or three times that morning.

The three suspects have been ordered not to contact Hosfield until their cases are resolved.

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