Letter: No forced prayer

July 11, 2014 

In response to the letter from Deborah Higgins ("Put God in schools, July 1); if one believes that God is omnificent and omnipresent, then one would not believe that God has been expelled from school as are unruly children.

Jesus himself said not to pray in public but to go into your closet to pray. It has already been determined in court that children are not required to participate in those activities that go against their own beliefs. If we were to have a prayer that covered everyone's beliefs it would begin "to whom it may concern."

Before deciding what to do about violence in schools we should first determine the cause and not just grab our own pet solution. Forcing people to pretend to pray is not only an affront to religion but to human decency.

Public education is secular and we should not pretend otherwise. We should be diligent about not allowing religious zealots to influence our children by pretending it is crime prevention. The article Higgins references said that the frequency of attacks has picked up since the 2012 Connecticut shootings; (not the 1962 Supreme Court decision on prayer).


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