Letter: Aid to Syrian rebels

July 11, 2014 

I was pleased to see President Obama showing his patriotism by watching the Germany vs. USA World Cup Match while on Air Force 1, then referring to the match in his opening remarks once he landed in Minnesota.

Later that night, NBC News reported that the United States will be sending up to $500 million to Syria to support the rebel forces. This was confirmed in the next day's Tri-City Herald.

Why is the United States the only one doling out these support funds for the multiple areas of confrontation throughout the world? Obama can't buy world leadership and respect with money. He needs to earn it every day.

Also, these dollars would be better spent at home on job opportunities, further support to K-12 education and natural disaster relief.

Come on Obama, where is your true "Go USA" spirit?

KEN ALBIN, Richland

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