Letter: Experience required

July 11, 2014 

According to major national polls, the president's approval ratings continue to decline to the lowest levels. His base supports his performance while the majority of the nation does not.

Extreme right-wing critics claim his actions are planned to make-over America. More moderate critics see a presidential pattern of a national crisis, followed by "this is a top priority," followed by inaction and eventually to a claim of phony scandal. Others see the president's speeches filled with inaccuracies, resulting in the Washington Post's fact checker issuing Obama several Pinocchio awards.

Some are concerned about the president's numerous executive overreaches as confirmed by the Supreme Court.

Most critics agree that the nation is headed in the wrong direction. Our next president needs to have proven executive experiences prior to nomination. The pool of state governors, in my opinion, is the place to look. Someone who takes responsibility, can communicate across party lines, creates jobs and maintains sound fiscal management is needed. Additionally, we need someone who is proactive rather than reactive.

A successful leader and vetted manager in the White House will make America stronger.


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