Letter: Double standard

July 11, 2014 

My family and friends have been coming to the Tri-Cities for the Water Follies since the '70s. We have seen many changes over the years. The biggest change was turning this event into a family event that all could enjoy.

We have watched the races from both sides of the river and enjoy the grassy Pasco side the best. Now we are being bombarded with new rules about leaving our pop-up canopies on the beach overnight. I'm 60 years old and getting the canopy to the beach more than once a weekend is a problem.

I think we should have the same rules as the big $3,700 per weekend tents that stay up all weekend but must not do any damage to the grass. These tents also include parking for up to 20 cars (which also must do no damage).

We spend about $1,500 for hotel rooms, Follies tickets, food and entertainment. Don't our opinions count? The rules are chasing us away. Please treat us as equals and allow us to leave our canopies up all weekend.

TED JOHNSON, Camano Island

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