Letter: Barbarians at the gate

July 10, 2014 

The most recent Supreme Court decision on corporate rights has left me wondering what's next?

First, corporations get our right to free speech. But corporations have a lot of money, so they can speak louder than us. Do those who own corporations lose their free speech rights? Of course not. So being rich multiplies the right to speak louder and more frequently. And the more they speak the less we are heard.

Now corporations can impose religious views on their employees and trump the individual employee's religious rights. Would we have the same decision had a corporation tried to impose Sharia law on its employees? I believe the majority's religious sympathies created a new right to impose religion on others where none such existing before.

So what's next? Corporate voting rights? Corporate privacy rights (which we don't have)? Corporate reproductive rights? Corporate parental rights?

One amendment at a time, the Robert's Court is rewriting the Constitution while we argue over who is going to better serve us in the next do-nothing Congress.

Students of history will recognize this. Rome was not destroyed by barbarians. It was destroyed from the inside by Romans and the barbarians simply took advantage it when they dealt its death blow.

If it weren't all so tragic it would be interesting to consider who will play the barbarians this time?


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