Letter: Thank you, double vision

July 9, 2014 

John recently awakened with double vision. We called our optometric physician, Dr. Jim Kinter, who was able to see us that day. He explained that John could have one of several problems, but told us to get him into his heart doctor ASAP.

We were able to make an appointment with Dr. Glen W. Zuroske. After an initial exam and several followup tests, he referred us to Dr. Juan Cordaro for surgery to replace his blocked aorta valve and perform a bypass. The successful surgery took place the following week and now, three weeks later, John is recovering nicely.

First, we are so grateful to God for giving John double vision. If it wasn't for that, he might have had a heart attack with possible disastrous results.

Second, we would like to thank all of these fine physicians. They all are first rate, and Tri-Citians need to know that they do not have to go elsewhere to receive the best possible medical treatment.

Third, the operation was performed at Kadlec Regional Medical Center, where John was treated with first-class efficiency. During the operation, Joan had the pleasure of listening to pleasant piano music being played in the waiting area, which was very relaxing.

We so appreciate these wonderful people and fine facilities that our region offers.

JOHN and JOAN BAILEY, Kennewick

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