Letter -- Congress: Wright

July 8, 2014 

There are many reasonable voices in our community, and all of them want to be heard. We do not want to hear of "partisan gridlock" or a "do-nothing" Congress. Richard Wright is the one individual, of the dozen running for the 4th Congressional District, who will attentively listen to voices of reason and who will work tirelessly to serve the people in the district.

Richard has lived and worked all of his life in our community. He has successfully operated health care facilities in our area for many years. Richard has a family history of service to our community. Richard was the student body president of Pasco High School. He is a "get things done" kind of person, who associates well with people of all political persuasions and cultural backgrounds. Everyone will find a friend and true community representative in Richard Wright.

In 2006, Richard ran for Congress and garnered 40 percent of the vote. He is a very electable person, and he can win as an Independent without being encumbered by a political party platform. Common sense is a dire need in Congress. Richard Wright's time to serve is now.

BILL REINIG, Kennewick

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