Letter: Quit the NRA

July 8, 2014 

It is clear after the recent shooting at Pacific University Seattle that something needs to be done.

It's more obvious that we need enhanced background checks for people buying guns. It's perfectly reasonable to require a gun buyer to wait three days while merchants make sure the buyer hasn't committed any prior violent crimes, been institutionalized or diagnosed and prescribed medication for paranoid schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or chronic depression.

According to research by ProPublica, keeping guns away from mentally ill would have reduced gun deaths over the last decade by 100,000 -- 95 percent of which would be from suicide prevention.

Unfortunately, the National Rifle Association blocked a bill in Congress to establish background checks, despite vast public support. It could be argued that blood from a large number of gun-related deaths since that defeat is on the hands of the NRA. They even robocalled homes in Newtown, Conn., to defeat the background checks bill while the community was mourning the death of 20 children in a mass shooting.

It is time for responsible gun owners to collectively speak out against the NRA. If NRA members withdrew their membership over the NRA's extreme positions, it would significantly reduce the NRA's clout on Congress.

Will it happen?


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