Letter: Farmer OK with Didier's gun giveaway

July 7, 2014 

I'm writing in response to Barbara Mannion's June 25 letter, "Gun giveaway." By last account, I have been threatened with guns and a knife. We pull hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of marijuana from our corn fields at T&R Farms each year. Some of our employees have asked to carry guns.

The last time we left our house unlocked, thieves stole two motorcycles and my wife's pickup truck. We have had irrigation pumps and motors stolen. We have dogs dropped at our farm on a regular basis. Theft of gas is common. By last account, I long for Mannion's version of the peaceful farm and home!

We have Moon Security monitor our houses, shops and farm office. We use infrared camera surveillance at our pump station. The only thing I find wrong with congressional candidate Clint Didier's gun giveaway is that it is not for a tank. Now, that I could use!

By last account, Ms. Mannion, it is a good thing to stay off of turnip trucks.


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